About Curiosity Moto Helmet

Curiosity5908Curiosity Moto founder, Mark Phillips.

Curiosity Moto are based in the UK, just north of London.

Having grown up in London riding bikes for the last 40 years, I have experienced a wide and varied scene in the motorcycle world.

My main love has always been motorcycles; the freedom, the danger and the life style. Nothing beats it or comes near.

After nearly a lifetime riding and running Hot Rods and American cars I thought it was time to offer my experience to customers.

At Curiosity Moto our speciality is helping customers who have commenced their build but have come to a stand-still due to a lack of knowledge.

We are there to collect your bike, finish it and deliver it back to you so you can enjoy riding it rather than looking sadly at it in the garage.

Our approach to motorcycling has always been ride and enjoy.┬áIt doesn’t matter what you`re on, just as long as you`re on a motorcycle.

We will keep you updated……


Mark P


3000044Off to the London DGR 2014.